I am specialized in professional shiatsu, massage and bodywork for over 19 years. My experience in teaching and giving has been a fruitful experience. Therefore, I invite you to explore the information set out on this site.

Masunaga's  Zen Shiatsu Shiatsu  and Ohashi's Shiatsu incorporating both Hand and Foot Reflexology and Deep Tissue Therapy. all in order to help you to maintain balance, and promote health and well being.

Relaxing Massage Stone Massage Sports Massage

My Philosophy

I believe that when the body is free of discomfort or the mind is rested and you have a chance to be stress free even for an hour, a day, or longer there is flow and continuity in your life. I believe that when a person is relaxed, he or she is able to improve their health, get rid of any negative emotions and redevelop or develop a better inner dialogue.

From a personal point of view…

Practicing Massage modalities is a life-enhancing experience for me. It has indeed revealed an intuitive talent. I love massaging because it is simple and has tremendous effect on people and myself - as I give I believe I receive. When I assist clients to find again a healthy back/ body or to feel relaxed, then they are truly ready and open to receive. I find this to be life-transforming as this is the art of well being

I love people, laughing, nature, animals, alternative or complimentary  therapies, in fact anything which brings peace, love and light on this planet.


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