Shirley understands the body, mind, and spirit profoundly, and being worked on by her was a pleasure. I have never had better body work in sixteen years of going to many different practitioners all over the world. I do miss Shirley's work very much. Seeing Shirley regularly was one of the best things I ever did for myself.

I would also like to speak for my mother who is now deceased. My mother was in a great deal of pain - physically from bone, breast, and brain cancer, and she was also dealing with incredibly painful emotions during this time. Shirley offered her an hour of bliss every week that I know my mother so looked forward to.

Jennifer Brandt Wife, Enthusiastic Mother, Sister, Psychologist and Yoga instructor.

I can honestly say that Shirley Roberts does the best bodywork I have ever had. I was fortunate enough to be able to go to her for quite a few years, and my body never felt better. Shirley, please move back to New York City!

Lorenza Ponce Violinist, Dedicated Sister, Daughter and a true citizen of the world.

I have been receiving body work from Shirley for over 15 years both in New York City and in Belgium. Shirley's work has never ceased to amaze me whether it has been for physical pain, emotional or just to be pampered. Moreover, Shirley’s body work and coaching has encouraged, stimulated and supported me in my personal path of self development and self improvement. I can honesty recommend her to all who wish to live life to the fullest and in joy!

Martine Couder , Cat lover, Musician, Historian, Writer and Executive leadership and mentoring Coach.

I have had the fortune of knowing Shirley Roberts over the past 15 years. Shirley is truly an extraordinary individual. She is very reliable, competent, and professional. Shirley draws on a wealth of experience, insight, knowledge, and training and has a wonderful and powerful balance of Strength and Sensitivity, Calm Tranquility and Vibrant Positive Energies, Wisdom, Technique, and Intuition.

Hugh McMunn Husband, Loving Father, Friends friend and Artist

A very good friend had recommended I go see Shirley back in the 1990's. Both her and her husband were getting regular massages from Shirley. This was at a time in my life when I felt rather disconnected...I made an appointment with Shirley and loved her body work immediately!!! After a few months of regular sessions with her I started to feel MUCH better physically and emotionally and way more connected!! I have also met some amazing people through Ms Shirley Roberts that I am eternally grateful for!! Thanks for everything!!!

Wendye Chatin Aunty, Daughter, Sister, Loving, and Professional Fashion Designer

I have known Shirley Roberts for over 15 years in both a personal and professional relationship. Shirley was introduced to me by a mutual friend who suggested I see Shirley when I was having some physical issues. With her magical hands and intuitive knowledge of the body and mind, she was able to help relieve my pain and open channels in my body to allow energy to flow better.I wish Shirley was still living in NYC as I would probably want her to come every day!!! She is a treasure and I am sure she will help anyone who uses her services. You will feel like a new person after one session with Shirley!!! Sincerely,

Bonnie Ott Home Maker, Friends Friend and Business Owner.

I went to Shirley Roberts for massage and body work during a very rough time in my life. Shirley's bodywork helped me to move the emotions through and out of my body so as to relieve the pain and sadness. She held my story in confidence and with elegance and grace. Murphy Lewis Warm regards.

Irene Murphy Lewis Mythologist, Explorer and Published Writer